Saturday May 27th, 2017

Dr. Kamal Okuda: Converted to Islam Because of One Verse

Dr. Kamal Okuda … A wonderful example for Japanese Muslims Prof. Dr. Atsushi Kamal Okuda, Professor of Political Systems at Keio University. Japanese Muslim scientist and educator. […]
Wednesday February 15th, 2017

The “Okoso-Zukin”: Japanese Hijab for Winter

Okoso-Zukin (御高祖頭巾) is an old Japanese winter custom, used as a hood and scarf, an outdoor coat and it looks so similar to the Hijab of the Muslim […]
Sunday February 12th, 2017

Toyama School Project for Syrian Refugees

Toyama school project for Syrian refugees has begun Toyama Muslim Center visited a Syrian refugees camp, started elementary school project over there called: “Toyama School “. The School […]
Saturday January 28th, 2017

The Islam Institute (1932): Japanese Islamic Organization Established To Promote The Understanding of Islam

The Islam Institute  organization in Japan  In 1932, 17 scholars of the Japanese academic world concerning Islam joined their hands together and established an organization called […]
Saturday December 3rd, 2016

Yuki Asia: Women’s Rights Activist Finds Her Goal in Islam

Yuki Asia, a Japanese Muslim woman who is very proud of Islam, a simple gift from a Muslim lady made her approaching Islam. Before Islam, she […]
Saturday November 26th, 2016

Islam in Japan (1960-1970)

The history of Islam in Japan Between 1960 and 1970 Foreign Muslim students from different Muslim countries, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia and the Arab world arrived in Japan […]