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1Masjids In Japan:
There are hundreds of grand and small Masjids (mosques) in Japan. Almost every day, there's new Masjid project or Musalla (prayer room) in Japan, Alhamdulillah.
This map shows the location of the main Masjids from the far north to the far south of Japan.
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2Islamic Communities In Japan:
Find out about most active Islamic organizations and communities that serve the Muslims in Japan and the local society through various activities to deliver the message of Islam.
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3Muslim Food Guide In Japan:
Suggested Halal Places, shops and restaurants in Japan, with Japan Halal organizations info to contact.
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4How many Muslim in japan?
There are now dozens of mosques across. Japan many estimates now put the number of resident Muslims in Japan above 100,000 some of these people are foreign nationals, but perhaps more surprisingly to many observers, there are now a growing number of ethnic Japanese Muslims as well.