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February 15, 2017
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Dr. Kamal Okuda: Converted to Islam Because of One Verse

Dr. Kamal Okuda … A wonderful example for Japanese Muslims

Prof. Dr. Atsushi Kamal Okuda, Professor of Political Systems at Keio University. Japanese Muslim scientist and educator.

Dr. Kamal Okuda fought a long academy life searching of religions, until he reached to Islam. He explained his life before Islam: “Before Islam my life was barbaric.. Very barbaric! Ignorant..I didn’t know the truth!”

Dr. Okudais is very nice example for Muslims in Japan. He took an interest into the Islamic legislation, He moved to Aleppo-Sayria to continue his studies and to learn Arabic. He says: “At that moment! I converted to Islam.. I believe that this is the greatest gift from Allah in my life!”.

Today, Dr. Okuda works hardly with his colleagues and disciples in Japan to spread Islam there, and to save their nation. May Allah grant them his blessing and reward them good.

Very interested details in the story of Dr. Kamal Okuda. Watch in YouTube: (Click ‘CC’ button for English Subtitle)

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  1. wyreiduz says:

    welkam dr Okunda to Islam religion of peace

  2. Zahid Ullah says:

    nice Islam is spreading in japan too

  3. Najam Syed says:

    Ma Shaa Allah. Allah Hu Akbar.

  4. Dr.Andy Al Fatih. says:

    Many of Japanesse values resembles to islamic values. Japanesse are only not well informed about Islam. Unless, it will be an Islamic nation. Conratulation Dr. Kamal. Welcome tovthe truth.

  5. Danish Shaikh says:


  6. Khodabocus says:

    Masha Allah

  7. Siti Badriah Ishak says:

    ALLAHHUAKBAR. Alhamdulillah. I m greatfull to Almighty Allah that Islam will penetrate Japan through a professor in college. InsyaAllah the spread of Islam will be faster

  8. Shehu Babangida says:

    Masha Allah( may Allah continue to increase their knowledge and straight to spread the word of God and islam.

  9. Hussain Kakembo says:

    i also got a chance as you hence,socks up to study it with effort,assalaam alaikum!

  10. Syed Ahmad says:

    Real nice journey, indeed

  11. Yasin Mohamed Ibrahim says:

    Masha Allah dear brother welcome, you are my truth brother, those converted to Islam , are those more be loved.

  12. Dr. M. A. Kashem says:

    It’s nice to you in Islam and may Allah fulfill your all desires. Please keep us in your prayers. Hopefully see you.

    Thank you very much.


    Dr. M. A. Kashem

  13. Thamani Akbar says:

    This was so inspiring! Dr. Kamal is a striking example of how protracted study can reap the benefits of practicing Islam in its purest form. May Allah continue to Reward this remarkable human being.

  14. Wwwww Masha Alah we r very happy to av u

  15. Allahu_Akbar, with us or without Us Islam will prevail?

  16. Mahad says:

    Mashallah Dr kamal okuda

  17. Bello Qussim says:

    Monsha Allah

  18. Osman says:

    It’s Allah mercy to safe the professor from gloomy destiny in the hereafter .

  19. Bilal says:

    Maşallah çok sevindim
    Türkiyeden selamlar
    Hayırlı ramazanlar

  20. M J ASLAM says:

    Masha Allah

  21. Aminukano Sadiquw says:

    Welcome to Islamic brotherhood

  22. Sham says:

    Beauty mashaallah 🙂

  23. ساجد خلیق says:

    اللہ اکبر

  24. Ziad Ahmed says:

    Aselamu Aleikum Ramadan Kareem inshallah
    And welcome to the religion of the true planet earth. May Allah help them with the transition and enable them/ us to unite and built the strongest and everlasting faith. Ameen

  25. Arman shaikh says:

    Islam is the complete code of kum Dweena kum al_islam

  26. Maimun Mohamed Amin says:

    Alhamdulillah, he’s one of the chosen ones.

  27. Ashek Ullah says:

    Al Humduillah ! Almighty Allah guide you in truth path of religion. Summa Amin.

  28. May Allah show you more righteousness. May Allah S.W T Bless you.

  29. Ma Sha Allah very nice and great.

  30. Fiza says:

    May I know which ayah in the Quran that make his heart open to Islam?

  31. Auwal Sani El muhazzib says:


  32. Parwiz Darbar says:

    Islam is the fastest growing religion in Japan, many many Japanese people accepting Islam for their salvation in this life and the hereafter. May Allah sobhana wa taala, forgive our sin and enter us to Janatul Ferdaws. Ameen.

  33. Omer Irfan says:

    All humans are made of sand, (dust and water) 3:59 and 37:11, we are all either siblings of faith or siblings of humanity!

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