Sunday February 12th, 2017

Toyama School Project for Syrian Refugees

Toyama school project for Syrian refugees has begun Toyama Muslim Center visited a Syrian refugees camp, started elementary school project over there called: “Toyama School “. The School […]
Saturday December 3rd, 2016

Yuki Asia: Women’s Rights Activist Finds Her Goal in Islam

Yuki Asia, a Japanese Muslim woman who is very proud of Islam, a simple gift from a Muslim lady made her approaching Islam. Before Islam, she […]
Sunday November 20th, 2016

Japanese Listening to Qu’ran for the First Time

Shizuoka Muslim Association had an experiment in Shizuoka city and which turned out to be really successful. Shizuoka Muslims Association team asks people to listen to […]
Friday November 18th, 2016

International Islamic School Otsuka

Japan Islamic Trust (JIT) has launched International Islamic School Otsuka (IISO) project to meet the long desire of the Muslim community in Japan for the education […]
Friday October 7th, 2016

Japan’s First Masjid Founded by Local Residents

The Islamic Culture Exchange Center in Tokyo: Japan’s largest organization run by Japanese Muslims The latest mosque to open in Tokyo is rolling out the welcome […]
Sunday September 4th, 2016

Scout Association of Japan Visiting Tokyo Masjid

Today, 4th September 2016, the Scout Association of Japan (SAJ)/Nerima10 visited the central Masjid of Tokyo (Tokyo Camii), to experience the Islamic culture and learn more […]