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Dear Muslim brothers and sisters,

As a non-profit organization, Islam in Japan Media relies on private contributions from donors like you to expand our activities and to fulfill our noble mission of serving Islam and Muslims and share more about Islam in Japan.

We are contributing to the Islamic D'awah in Japan, in order to spread the true Islam and correct the common misconceptions about Islam and Muslims, which many local residents unfortunately have. We make researches about the history of Islam in Japan and the interaction between Islam and the local residents. We also provide media support to the Islamic institutes and Islamic programs in Japan.

What we aim to do?

  • Produce educational videos of the basic knowledge of Islam in Japanese language for Muslims and non-Muslims as well.
  • Produce documentary video series about Islam in Japan, its history, and Muslims life in Japan.
  • Produce Islamic web/mobile applications in Japanese language.
  • Purchase necessary software/hardware tools for our activities.
  • Purchase necessary online services and pay for advertising costs to reach more people in Japan.
  • Purchase historical videos and photographs, for the purpose of sharing them.
  • Translate rare Japanese documents about Islam in Japan to English, for the purpose of sharing them.
  • Translate Islamic books and documents to Japanese, for the purpose of sharing them.

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